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Parks Garbage Service Roll Off Trucks.

Commercial & Industrial Services

At Park’s Garbage, we take waste management for your business and jobsite seriously. We are the region’s leader in large-scale commercial trash pickup and roll-off dumpster rental. We are pleased to offer thorough and convenient commercial waste management services in the following South-Central Pennsylvania counties:

  • Adams
  • Bedford
  • Blair
  • Centre
  • Cumberland
  • Franklin
  • Fulton
  • Huntingdon
  • Juniata
  • Mifflin
  • Perry
  • Snyder

Park’s offers a wide variety of commercial trash, recycling and roll-off options for businesses, shopping complexes, apartments and condominiums, and jobsites. The information below highlights our general, and most requested, commercial and jobsite services. Most of these services are available in all 12 counties, though not all services are available in all towns/boroughs. To request a service or find out if we offer a specific service in your area, please [contact us online] or call 814-542-4751

Front & Rear load dumpsters

We offer a wide variety of dumpster sizes with an array of available service options personalized to your business and jobsite needs. Choose from 2-to-8 cubic yard containers for regular commercial trash or recycling service.

Example of a dumpster


2 Cubic Yard

Our 2-yard dumpster container holds ten to twelve 30-gallon trash bags

3 Cubic Yard

Our 3-yard dumpster container holds fifteen to twenty 30-gallon trash bags

4 Cubic Yard

Our 4-yard dumpster container holds approximately twenty-five 30-gallon trash bags

6 Cubic Yard

Our 6-yard dumpster container holds about 36-42 trash bags

8 Cubic Yard

Our 8-yard dumpster container holds about 48-56 trash bags

 *Pricing per container is based upon how often it will be emptied and the amount of trash in the container. For pricing and availability please call 814-542-4751.

Not sure which size is best for your business or project? Contact us and together we’ll find the right size to meet your waste management needs!

Commercial roll-off dumpster rental

For bigger projects and construction or demolition job sites, our 10- and 30-cubic yard containers do the trick. These large-scale dumpsters are available to contractors, businesses and individuals on a monthly basis for various cleanup & construction projects. We will deliver to your business, your industrial site, or your home. Park’s employs on-site dispatchers 24/7 to ensure efficient dumpster delivery and removal.

Example of a roll-off


10 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container

Our 10 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container is equivalent to 2-3 full size pickup truck loads:

10’ long

8’ wide

3.5’ tall

30 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container

Our 30 Cubic Yard Roll-off Container is equivalent to 5-6 full size pickup truck loads:

25’ long

8’ wide

5’ tall

Unacceptable Items for 10 and 30 Cubic Yard Roll-off Containers

  • Liquids such as motor oil, gasoline, or wet paint
  • Electronics such as TV’s, computer monitors or anything with a screen larger than 4 inches
  • Items that contain freon such as refrigerators, air conditioning units, dehumidifiers or water coolers
  • Hazardous materials (check the container for proper disposal)
  • Tires

Not sure which size is best for your business or project? Contact us and we’ll find the right size to meet your waste management needs!

Self-contained compactors

Compactors take the bulk out of the trash you generate by compressing it, making it easier for disposal.

Self-contained trash compactors come with both the compactor and a container box to receive the compacted trash. A cost-effective and efficient option for manufacturers, grocery stores, retailers, hospitals and restaurants, as well as large-scale institutions, self-contained compactors are also a great solution for offices that do not have space to house a large roll-off dumpster. Once the compactor container is full, we take the entire unit to the disposal site to empty the container.

Contact us to learn more about our self-contained compactors!

With Park’s Garbage, you can rest easy knowing that your trash is being managed responsibly at a local level. We are big enough to serve, yet small enough to care.

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In the chance there is an issue with garbage pickup their customer service is always very polite and helpful.

- Carl Klinedinst

Great to have a dump close by. Courteous and swift with a Reasonable price.

- Lisa Thompson

Our driver’s customer service is exceptional. We have had a few times when we forgot to put out our garbage/recycling, and the driver came to the house to get it. When I asked him about it, he said it was unusual for us not to have it out. It’s not about just doing the job, it’s about serving the customer. I have never had anything but great service from Park’s.

- Bret Newbould

They picked up everything we needed to dispose off, never a problem with the bags. Great service they pick up in the middle of the night in Franklin County. Great Service.

PS: We put our Wednesday trash out on Tuesday night by 10.00pm

- Carola Beck Wingert

I have always had great service. When I call about big items or extra bags, they are always friendly and accommodating. The cost is excellent even for individual items that are large.

- John Beyers

I have nothing but good things to say about Parks. I have been a customer for many years, and they are reliable and fair. They have been willing to come back to pick up garbage when we missed the pick up, which was beyond the call of duty! They are very willing to take extra items when we ask, and the office people are helpful and nice. I was happy to find them in my area when I moved from Huntingdon because I was always happy with their service in Huntingdon. I would definitely recommend them!

- Nan Rodgers